About Us

The Zohra Orphanage object is to uplift the orphans, destitute girls economically and to provide them with good education make them self reliant conduct their marriage after  education and place them well socially

Our Mission

To provide an educational institution, which stands on the pillars of truth, beauty and goodness in students concentrating on physical, mental, cultural, social and spiritual development of the student

Our Mission

To ensure that ‘No Child is Left Behind’ To develop higher order thinking skills and leadership abilities. Provide education at all levels from vocational schooling to graduate level education

Our Other Activities
Allah's Messenger Said
  • Moral Education
  • Sports
  • Craft Class
  • Teach Cooking
  • Computer course
  • Tailoring Course
  • Library for children
  • Conducting compitations

If anyone puts his hand on an orphan’s head, doing so only for Allah’s sake, he will have blessings for every hair over which his hand passes; and if anyone treats well an orphan girl or boy under his care, he and I shall be like these two in Paradise,” (putting two of his fingers together.)

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