To make the girls self-reliant, Zohra Orphanage has opened aTailoring institute in its own building, and the girls are trained here intailoring, fashion designing, embroidery, etc.

Further to keep the girls well aware with technical advancements the trust has opened an Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in its own building, where it is at present, providing computer training to them.

To keep the girls well-versed with Islam and its teaching, daily classes are conducted by qualified and competent Alims & Qaris who are appointed by the trust. In addition to the teaching of the Holy Qu’ran,Hadith, and Fiqh, the Arabic language is also taught to the girls so that the can speak in Arabic and understand the Qur’an well.

For carrying out all the above mentioned activities, qualified staff members are appointed.

To keep the girls updated with knowledge of happenings around the world, a fully furnished well-stacked library is also provided to the girls within the trust premises.

After completion of education, the girls are married by the trust to prospective grooms and the trust meets all the expenses. So far, 40 girls have been married, and are Alhamdolillah, leading a happy married life.

May Allah give us strength to carry on the activities of the trust successfully. AMEEN