About the Trust: The trust was established in the year 1979 with the opening Of Zohra Destitute Home for girl with 6 No’s of girls in 2 rooms at the residence of one of the founder trustees

(1) Mr. Mohd Nasir Ali Rtd. Session Judge at Aiwan-e-Shahi Colony, Gulbarga along with the following trustees:

2) Md. Khursheed Ali  – Advocate

3 Mehmood Khan  – Assistant Commissioner

4) Dr. Shameem – Principal Bi Bi Raza Degree College

5) Mrs. Basheerunnisa Begum – Lecturer in VG Womens College

6) Gulam Nabi – Tehsildar

7) Jameel Ahmed Khan  – Businessman

The Trustees through their dedication, sacrifices, sincere and tireless efforts, with broad and farsighted vision have developed the trust progressively there by benefiting the trusts beneficiaries i.e. poor destitute girls and  women  before going into the progress of the trust year-wise, we would like to highlight the achievements of the trust in brief